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Two chief methods of cure

There are two chief methods of cure:

The homoeopathic & the allopathic which are exact opposites. The allopathic:

The allopathic appeared in many very differing systems following each other, all terming themselves rational methods of cure. This method saw in diseases only morbid matter which were classified & created a Materia Medica based on conjectures & compound prescriptions.

The allopathic physicians posses in their method of treatment nothing but palliatives, which still may retain the confidence of patients.

The antipathic or palliative method treats a single symptom of disease with a remedy of opposite action "contraria contraris.

Example: for pains of any description large doses of opium is given which soon benumbs the sensibility. The same remedy is given for diarrhea, because it speedily puts a stop to the peristaltic motion of the intestinal canal & makes it insensible. Also for sleeplessness opium is given because it rapidly produces a stupefied & comatose sleep. The burned hand is plunged into cold water which from its low degree of temperature seems instantaneously to remove the burning pain. Purgative is given to a patient who has suffered from prolonged constipation. One who is suffering from prolonged debility is made to drink brandy, whereby he is instantly enlivened & refreshed.

This procedure is defective not only because it is directed against a single symptom of the disease only but also because in persisting ailments, after it has produced a short apparent amelioration real aggravation ensues. The ordinary physician generally ascribes this to the malignancy of the original disease or to the occurrence of quite a new disease.

This antipathic employment of medicine is injurious to the system. With large doses of purgative drugs & laxative salts, which excite the bowels to frequent evacuation it was thought to remove chronic tendency constipation but in the secondary action the bowels become still more confined. The old school physician rejoices that he is able to reduce for several hours the velocity of small rapid pulse of cachectic patients with the very first dose of uncombined purple foxglove. This is the primary action of the drug, it rapidly however soon returns. Now increased dose affect an even smaller diminution of its rapidity & in length none at all in the secondary action pulse becomes uncountable, sleep, appetite & strength depart & a speedy death is invariably the result.


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