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Online treatment

Online treatment.

For patients residing in India, treatment will be online through skype, as per advance booking on the said date. A detailed case- taking will take about one hour. The patient would be detailed about the scientificity of homoeopathy & how the remedy acts upon the human body. After a detailed case taking, all the symptoms obtained, from head to foot including that of the mind & family history would be considered & then through a formula called homoeopathic repertorisation, the apt remedy is chosen. Later in the subsequent visit, the investigations to be done would be informed. Follow- up shall be taken as a speed case. The date & venue of each follow-up will be given in the previous follow-up. Medicines shall be sent via courier. Facility for emergency call shall be provided.

Patients abroad India, shall come in person to our clinic & all the above said procedures shall be done here itself. Food & accommodation will be available here. As per the nature of the disease, the patient will be required to stay here may be a week or a fortnight.

Consultation hours

Our staff doctor shall explain to you all details regarding the consultation. Consultation online will be for persons in India only. The details shall be provided through skype between IST 9am & 1pm. All queries regarding the method of treatment, case-taking & fixation of appointment shall be done during this time. Your contact details with full address, pincode & contact number should be registered. All your complaints & suggestions are also welcome. After the entire process of case-taking & the final selection of medicine, you will be required to pay the consultation fee & medicine fee through the bank account number that will be provided to you. The medicine will reach you via courier anywhere in India.


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Nightingale Medical Mission Homeopathic Clinic was setup in 1970 as an independent clinic based on the homeopathic discipline with a focus on providing high quality health care.

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