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How medicines act

How medicines act?

The following explanation seem to commend itself as the most probable one: every disease consists of a dynamic alteration of our vital energy manifested in sensation & motion. In every homoeopathic cure, this principle of life dynamically altered by natural disease is seized through the administration of a medicinal potency selected exactly according to symptom similar by a somewhat stronger artificial disease manifestation. By this feeling of the natural (weaker) dynamic disease manifestation ceases & disappears. This disease manifestation no longer exists, for the principle of life is now occupied & governed merely by the stronger artificial disease manifestation. This artificial disease manifestation has soon spent its force and leaves the patient free from disease cured. The dynamis thus freed can continue to carry life on in health. The human body is more disposed to let its state of health be altered by medicinal force than by natural disease i.e. the morbific noxious agents posses a power of morbidly deranging man's health that is subordinate & conditional. While medicinal agents have an absolute unconditional power greatly superior to the former.

When is a cure possible by a medicine?

In order that an artificial disease produced by a medicine may effect a cure, it is not only necessary that it should be stronger than the natural disease already present, but also it should be capable of producing in the human body an artificial disease as similar as possible to the disease to be cured. Then only cure is possible.

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