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This may be proved from the following facts:- Dissimilar diseases meeting together in the human body be of equal strength or still more if the elder one is stronger, the new disease will be repelled by the old one.


a) Those suffering from consumption are not liable to be attacked by epidemic fevers

. b) Jenner alleges rachitis prevents vaccination from taking effect. c) A patient suffering from chronic disease will not be infected by a moderate autumnal dysentery or other epidemic diseases.

Thus under unhomoeopathic treatment that is violent, chronic diseases remain as they were or a new stronger disease attacking an individual already ill, suppress only as long as it lasts. The older disease that is dissimilar to it already present in the body but never removes it.

It is just in this way that violent treatment with allopathic drugs does not cure a chronic disease but suppress it only as long as the action of the powerful medicines which are unable to excite any symptoms similar to the disease lasts. After that the chronic disease makes its appearance as or worse than before.

Example: if mania occurs in a consumptive patient, phthisis with all its symptoms is removed by the former, but if that go off the phthisis returns immediately & prove fatal.


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