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Nightingale medical mission , established in 1970 @ Naduvathoor, Koyilandy, Calicut, Kerala, India, by the late Dr. P. K. Balakrishnan DHMS, is currently streaming high in the field of medical care. Our founder always focused his attention upon creating a healthy generation & tried his level best to promote the goodness of homoeopathy to the common man. Our founder's untimely demise left back a whole lot of people in deep sorrow. It was then that I took up the task that my father had begun 42 years back & for which he toiled all his life. Keeping my father's valuable advices in mind I abide by my duty & with all the support & acceptance that I received from all around me, so far, I have succeeded to alleviate the sufferings of almost all cases that I have been engaged with , far beyond my expectations. It is my dream & wish that so far as I live upon this earth, I should try & spread my service not only in my locality but also everywhere in India & abroad India as well, through the glorious gift that I obtained from my beloved father…

Our Specialised Treatment

Rheumatism, Hepatitis B, Diabetes, AIDS, Cancers, Allergic disorders, Asthma All cases are subject to screening of the respective case studies. The decisions of our experts will be final. No cases that are beyond our scope will be taken up.

Nightingale Medical Mission

The homoeopathic method of treatment is dependent upon the fact that "a weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter {whilst differing in kind} is very similar to the former in its manifestations." This applies to the physical & mental maladies.



The Homoeopathic

The true mild cure takes place only according to the Homoeopathic method, as we have found by experience & dedication. It is unquestionable that permanent cures are obtained, since this healing art rests upon an eternal infallible law of nature.

The pure Homoeopathic healing art is the only correct method the one possible to human art, the straightest way to cure , as certain as there is but one straight line between two given points.

How medicines act?

The following explanation seem to commend itself as the most probable one: every disease consists of a dynamic alteration of our vital energy manifested in sensation & motion. In every homoeopathic cure, this principle of life dynamically altered by natural disease is seized through the administration of a medicinal potency selected exactly according to symptom similar by a somewhat stronger artificial disease manifestation.


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Nightingale Medical Mission Homeopathic Clinic was setup in 1970 as an independent clinic based on the homeopathic discipline with a focus on providing high quality health care.

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